Fryer Spaza Floor Model 3 x 10 Litre



Fryer Spaza Floor Model 3 x 10 Litre

Large fryers make working in a commercial kitchen much easier.  No matter the size of your kitchen or how much you will be frying at once, we have the perfect solution for you. They are all designed to heat oil quickly and hold it at a stable temperature for the best frying results. Additionally, the control panels are protected from heat and the entire unit is made from stainless steel. This keeps the unit working perfectly for years, thanks to a durable build that’s easy to clean & maintain.

Equipped with  temperature control thermostat.

Equipped with full port drain valve that empties frypot quickly and safely.

Large  fry baskets with vinyl coated, heat protection, handles are included.

Built of durable stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

Oil cooling zone is seated in the bottom of the tank to avoid influence of food residue

Additional information


3 x 10 Litres


1130mm x 540mm x 1310mm


220V 50Hz 3Kw + 3Kw + 3Kw




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Fryer Spaza Floor Model 3 x 10 Litre