Double Gas Fryer Table Model Combo



A combo deal containing the following items would be ideal for a commercial kitchen setup, especially one focused on fast food or deep-fried items:

  1. Double Pan Gas Fryer: Perfect for frying multiple items simultaneously, ensuring efficiency and consistency in cooking.
  2. Stainless Steel Salt Shaker: Durable and hygienic, essential for seasoning fries and other dishes.
  3. 250 Aluminum Scoop: Ideal for serving fries or other fried items, lightweight yet sturdy.
  4. Chipper: For cutting potatoes or other vegetables into uniform sizes, ensuring even cooking.
  5. 3x Sauce Bottles: Perfect for dispensing ketchup, mustard, mayo, or other condiments, easy to clean and refill.

This combo deal would be well-suited for a food truck, small restaurant, or any establishment looking to expand their fried food offerings.


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220V 50Hz


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Double Gas Fryer Table Model Combo